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Although there is no mangrove-specific legislation in Guyana, there are clauses in four legal instruments, namely the Environmental Protection Act, the Sea Defence Act and the Fisheries Act and Forest Acts that can be interpreted to include regulation over the management of mangroves. Moreover, it is now UNLAWFUL for any person to remove mangroves without the explicit permission of the Guyana Forestry Commission.

The mangrove restoration project implements the National Mangrove Management Action Plan of the National Agriculture Research Institute, Ministry of Agriculture. Funding is provided by the EU under the Global Climate Change Alliance programme. The total EU programme funding is € 4,165,000 with a programme implementation period of 4 years.

Hon. Minister of Agriculture Mr Robert Persaud receiving the Mangrove Management
Plan from Mrs Annette Arjoon-Martins




At least ten agencies are involved directly or indirectly in the management of mangroves in Guyana. The principal agencies are the S&RDD, the GFC, the EPA and the Department of Fisheries. Of these, the two with the most significant, day-to-day involvement with mangrove management are the S&RDD and the GFC.

Guyana Forestry Commission signing MOU with the Mangrove Action Project

Our Vision

To augment Guyana's sea defence by protecting, restoring and managing the natural coastline barrier provided by our mangrove forests.

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