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    Mrs Annette Arjoon

    chairs the committee

    Since the conception of the mangrove action project, a strong Mangrove Action Committee (MAC) has been established. MAC is made up of representatives of all inter-agency stakeholders committed to the restoration and management of mangroves Read More


    Kene Mosely
    ( Admin/Financial Officer)

     The Mangrove Project Office (MPO) is capably managed by Kene Moseley. Kene is an honours graduate of Presidents College, Golden Grove and Mackenzie High School in Linden.She has a Diploma in Project Management (distinction) from the renowned Institute of Commercial Management in Dorset UK Read More

The Guyana Mangrove Restoration Project is funded by a partnership between the Government of Guyana and the European Union. The project is implemented by the Ministry of Agriculture through the National Agriculture Research & Extension Institute (NAREI). The objective of the project is to seek the commitment of Guyanese towards the protection and development of sustainable mangrove forests. The project commenced activities in February 2010 and is working in the areas of administrative capacity development, research, community development and capacity building, mangrove restoration (replanting), monitoring and awareness and education.

The Mangrove Management Plan covers a three–year period from 2010 to 2013. Alternative funding will be sought to continue the plan when the EU funds expires. The long-term sustainability of the project will depend on the alternative funding sources, and revision and modification of the mangrove action project. The momentum built through successful implementation of the projects of this action plan will contribute to long term sustainability. To this end, a well-conducted campaign of visibility and education is a vital part of the programme. The overall objective is to respond to climate change and to mitigate its effects through the protection, rehabilitation and wise use of Guyana‟s mangrove ecosystems through processes that maintain their protective function, values and biodiversity while meeting the socio-economic development and environmental protection needs in estuarine and coastal areas. The operational duration of the project is 48 months from the signature of the Financing Agreement (n0 9732/GUA) in mid 2010.


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