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Learn more about mangroves and volunteer with the Mangroves Project to help in your community with service projects (beach clean-up, community clean clean-up, clearing of drains etc.)

Get more people to care about mangroves by talking to them, by forming or joining a community environmental group. Mangroves protect us all from the sea, so let us protect them.

Support environmentally friendly businesses which do not contribute to the destruction of our mangroves. Do not buy seashells, do not use bricks which are made using mangrove wood to provide the heat.

Graze your animals at designated community pasture lands. Contact your local RDC and NDC to find out where these are located. It is safer and cheaper for you and the animals.

If you see people harvesting shells for economic gain or cutting mangroves you have the responsibility to call the hotline number 220-2841/3 . A ranger will investigate the report made.

Contact your Neighbourhood Democratic (NDC) Council to inquire about the best solutions to manage solid waste. Avoid dumping of garbage and littering. Littering is a bad habit!
Advocate for more community bins and get your NDCs to dispose of garbage responsibly.

Donate money to support mangrove conservation, education and awareness

Our Vision

To augment Guyana's sea defence by protecting, restoring and managing the natural coastline barrier provided by our mangrove forests.

Contact Information

Guyana Mangrove Restoration Project
National Agricultural Research Institute
Agriculture Road, Mon Repos East Coast Demerara
Phone (592) 220-2843
Fax (592) 220-4481/220-2843
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.