Our Team

Kene Moseley ( Project Coordinator)

The Mangrove Project Office (MPO) is capably managed by Kene Moseley. Kene is an honours graduate of Presidents College, Golden Grove and Mackenzie High School in Linden. She has a Diploma in Project Management (distinction) from the renowned Institute of Commercial Management in Dorset UK. Kene brings to the programme a wide range of experience, not only in project management, but in Information Technology (IT) and Procurement.  Before joining the programme, Kene was a key staff member of the Linden Economic Advancement Programme (LEAP) financed to the tune of € 12 million , approximately (3.24 billion GYD’s).

Kene’s warm personality, calm manner and ability to network and interact with people from all walks of life are greatly appreciated by all associated with the Mangrove Programme. She also has a keen  interest in environmental issues  and without her , the excellent progress the programme has made to date would not have been possible.